Resource List

Sheitel service
Salon Elana
129 Upland Terrace, Bala
(610) 812-7220

Clothing for Women and Girls
Jody’s Collection-Women and girls

Tzippi Glick-Women

Cleaning Ladies

Ask around to other families, many people share. (10-20 an hour, depend on how many hours a week.) Services offer whole home cleaning for fixed price but usually more expensive etc.

Orna Tusia-(610)952-7268
Shoshi Cohen- (610) 896-1980

Food shopping

Gentiles – produce, cholov yisroel milk (need to make sure the milk has hebrew letter of the hebrew date to indicate mashgiach there at milking) (most of the time its there – Kreider Farms milk)

Giant – Cholov Yisrael dairy, meat, and pas Yisrael bakery (look out for dairy baked goods)

Produce Junction-Broomall and Philly locations

Kosher foods and more – order by phone/email and they deliver (that’s the only way to shop there!) see their website for the products they carry

Acme – large kosher section, david eliot chickens and chk meat, kosher fish and bakery

Giant – large kosher, shor habor meat (can also order), kosher fish and some parave bakery

Shoprite (general shopping, not for ‘kosher’ stuff)

Trader Joe’s

(Farmer’s Market near Trader Joe’s has chalav Yisrael milk, cream, an half & half at the “Amish” stand)

Costco – chalav Yisrael shredded cheese and cheese slicesonly in king of prussia area. Many kosher items and seasonal too.

NPGS(kollel store in lakewood) – 3 locations – 231 Main St./2080 W.County Line Rd./152 James Street

Shalom Pizza
NY Bagels*
The Dairy Cafe, Dairy express
The Tavern
Star of David
Mama’s Vegetarian-Downtown
Espresso Cafe (Northeast)
Palace Royal (Northeast)
Cherry grill chinese (Cherry hill nj)

Baked goods
Best Cake Bakery (only has pareve)

Giant Kosher Bakery

Acme Kosher Bakery

Six Points Bakery, operates out of The Dairy

Wine, Judaica
Rosenberg’s (temporarily closed but will sell products)
Bala Judaica

Gold’s pharmacy on Haverford

Lankenau Hospital
Delaware County Memorial Hospital
Bryn Mawr Hospital (children’s ER!!)
CHOP – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

OB/GYN Practices
Women for Women
Womenwise Midwifery
The Birthing Center (Bryn Mawr)
The Birthing Center at Penn

Advocare Mainline Pediatrics (Dr. Mindy Rosenblum) -(610) 642 9200
We use the CHOP care in Roxboro – It’s about a 20 minute drive, but we really like them.
CHOP in Bryn Mawr

Pediatric Dentists
Broomall Pediatric Dentistry-(484)454-3230

General Dentists
Dr. Andrew Rosenfeld- (215) 473-7717
Dr. Mindy Benjamini (484) 278-4737

General Practitioners for Adults
Dr. Gary Gilman-lankenau medical office building (online appointments too!)
Dr. Allison Leff- On E. Lancanster

Wynnewood Salon on Manoa Rd, Emily Jones- (610) 896-6183

Dean Speck-(610) 662-6333

Tablecloths-Mrs. Rachel Bieberfeld
Bikur Cholim-Malki Schwartz
Maxwell Taxi Service for shabbos-code 613-
Costume Gmach – Shira Kupfer (610) 668-0614
Bridal Gmach – Galitte Den (215) 298-3068
Children’s clothing Gmach
Beth Hamedrosh children’s clothing for all ages
Baby and toddler clothing and equipment, for donations or requests 610 667 9854

LMS Listserv
Go to to sign up. Great place to get rid of moving boxes or to tap into general philadelphia jewish community for jobs/buying/selling/babysisters etc

Jewish Lending Library
Lieba Bauminger on Stoneway Ave (718)909-7712

Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia


Cheder Chabad (9am minyan check with Rabbi Levine first)

Chabad of Penn Wynne-(610)529-9011 (only shabbos/yom tov at the jcc)

Beth Hamedrosh-(610)642-6444 (daily (6:30/6:40 shachris (depends on laining) mincha/maariv check ( sunday 8am shachris.

Chabad of The Mainline daily see website. Sunday 8:30am

Lower Merion Synagogue multiple minyanim daily see their website

Overbrook Park – friday night for aryah wood (talk to him).


(women/men/kailim) Lower Merion Community Mikvah 484-808-5626 – 111 Union Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

(women) Chabad of Cherry Hill-make appt at least 48 hrs before

(women) Chabad of Delaware

Rayim Ahuvim – Men’s mikvah (Under repair July 2018) – 5854 Drexel Road philadelphia (entrance up right side, combo on door) (not for keilim)

Keilim – can use local streams for keilim when it hasnt rained for 3 days in a row. (example powder mills and remington road easy access near playground to stream.

Activities for families in the area

Linvilla orchards-fruit and vegetable picking, indoor play area, petting zoo, and farmers market

Smith playground

Please Touch Museum

Philadelphia Zoo

Freedom playground in Havertown – This one has a spray area so it’s great for hot days.
there are a lot of playgrounds so maybe this shouldn’t necessarily be listed…

Herrs factory tour (free but need to reserve)